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Recess Hopper Type

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Recess Hopper Type

Technical Specifications

Equipment : Blast Room System, Size 5 Mtr. (L) x 3.5 Mtr. (W) x 3 Mtr. (H),

MS Fabricated Blast Room Enclosure : MS fabricated blast room enclosure of size 5 Mtr. (L) x 3.5 Mtr. (W) x 3 Mtr. (H) in bolted construction for strength and rigidity. Sheet metal panels shall be fabricated and bolted together to form dust seal joints. Panels will be supported with MS channels at stages, for support and rigidity. End ties are bolted in support of angle frame. The complete structure is adequately designed with necessary foundation layout for strength.

1. Blast Room Door, with Intake Air Louvers : Sheet metal fabricated blast room doors are made in 2 leaves. The Door frame is made of rigid MS channel section, fitted with proper thrust bearing hinges. Door leaves are provided with adequately designed fresh air intake louvers. The inside of doors shall be rubber lined to protect against abrasion. The door leaves are provided with door locking system and vision glass to view inside of blast room.

2. Rubber Lining on Blast Room Inside Walls : The inside walls of blast room and doors shall be protected against abrasion by 3 mm thick abrasive resistant hanging rubber sheets of size 1.2 M (W) x 3.0 M(L). MS fabricated strips shall be supplied with each rubber sheet to hang it on the room walls. These rubber sheets are having good resistance against abrasive media and protects the metallic enclosure of the Blast room. Rubber protection will be provided on side walls and doors by pasting Rubber sheet on the same.

3. Blast Room Flooring and Grating : Suitable hopper grating for Recess hopper is provided to facilitate transfer of used abrasive into recessed hopper. Suitable support on hopper will be provided for strength and rigidity.

Load capacity of grating : 400 kg /sq. mtrs. (The load should be U.D.L.)

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