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Side Downdraft Paint Booth

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Side Downdraft Paint Booth

The Semi down draft type paint spray booth is suitable for any type of Air-less and Electrostatic painting. The system consists of painting booth enclosure, air intake filter, Filter channels for paint trap, air exhaust system, complete with electric motor, outlet duct, canopy etc. The fresh air enters into the system from the top of the booth passing through 2 stage filters. This allows air to flow vertically downward thereby washing the operator and the job for better visibility to the operator. Simultaneously the exhaust air system sucks the suspended paint particles and fumes from the booth. These suspended paint particles gets trapped in the filter channels which are provided on the bottom side of the wall.

Product Detail
Substrate Steel
Material to be painted Steel
Voltage 380V50Hz3pH for Motors, 220V50Hz1pH for Lights
Features :
  • + The offered product maintains dust level to least
  • + It prevents spreading of paint
  • + Eliminates fire hazard

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Blastroom & Paint Booth System, Shot Blasting Machines.